Combat d'Archers

3955 Rue de Rouen,
QC H1W 1N4, Montréal

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Archery Dodgeball, also known as Archery Tag is a new sport that is similar to Paintball but uses, not airsoft guns, but rather bows and foam tipped arrows.
Archery Dodgeball is a mixture of Paintball and Dodgeball. The participants wear protective masks and enter into combat with bows and foam-tipped arrows that serve to eliminate any pain.
Combat Archers brings you this new and growing sport with Montréal’s first dedicated indoor 10,000sf venue. The lobby is equipped with Table tennis tables, Fuseball tables as well as a Nintendo WiiU which are all included in the price of admission.
The party rooms seats up to 30 people and is a perfect place to host a private event such as a Birthday.

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Un super centre à essayer !
Julien - 01-02-2018

Voici une activité vraiment original et super le fun ! Un sport à faire en groupe vraiment cool qui va vous amuser au bout !